Transcending technology and machines

In order to develop a single machine, human hands must fashion a succession of prototypes. There is intense back-and-forth debate. Faced with the challenge of rationalizing the workplace to meet the demands of production, a great deal of time and effort goes into finding near-perfect answers, with the unparalleled accuracy of computers vying in friendly competition with the sensitivity of humans.
A development environment is always full of the contradictions of creation. Development and design, the production of parts, the assembly of the machine. At last, out of the chaotic sea of creative ingenuity that swallows up all the stages of the process, a solution emerges… This is the new human possibility that Dairyu Seiki Ltd aims at achieving. Thinking. Drawing. Assembling. Testing. Thinking again. A realm that consists of designing to make the impossible possible: that is the essence of what Dairyu Seiki is about, the realm in which its technological strength may be said to find its greatest expression.

7276.jpgEvery beginning is a pointer towards the future

At the entrance to Dairyu Seiki stands an old machine tool, radiating a quiet presence. It is a kind of vise (known in Japanese either as a manriki or a baisu), and was given to the founder of our company, Daisuke Yamada, by an acquaintance of his, as a commemorative gift when he first established his own firm.
At the time he founded the company, using this vise when repairing fishing boat engines, it was a small operation; but the story goes that the fishermen who were his customers regarded him as having a skill second to none where technology was concerned and had very great confidence in him. Times have moved on, and that vise has come to the end of its useful life. It is just a rough old machine left to the accumulating passage of time. But it offers a mute pointer to what should be our spiritual goal: to be useful to people through technology.